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NBC Panel Mocks Hillary Clinton, But the Real Story is the Disturbing ‘Fact’ About Politics

June 11, 2014 By Jennifer Burke

This panel on MSNBC’s Morning Joe had quite a few laughs at Hillary Clinton’s expense. As they addressed the ridiculous claim by Clinton that she and Bill struggled after leaving the White House, going so far as to claim that they were ‘dead broke’ despite the fact that she received an $8 million advance on her book, the panelists mocked her for how ludicrous such a distortion of reality is.

Frank Bruni, from the New York Times, joins in the discussion and, aside from calling Hillary Clinton out for her stretching and changing of the truth, he says something even more curious and disturbing. Bruni says, at approximately the 36 second mark, that “in politics, it almost seems to go with the territory that you’re rich.”

Say what?

That comment made almost as an understood afterthought explains so much of what is wrong with Washington, D.C. and why Americans are struggling to make ends meet to help catapult our elected officials, so called ‘public servants’ to economic prosperity.


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