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1 Louisiana Ghost Stories on Sat Oct 25, 2014 4:04 pm


"Louisiana Ghost Stories"
Instead of the Headless Horseman
we have the Loup garou.
And in the ancient swamps neath the pale Spanish moss
there are LOTS of things to scare you.

Like fireballs that dance mysteriously,
and 'gators eyes that glow like fire!
Beneath the swaying trees and the Cypress knees
who knows WHAT is buried in the mire.

Maybe Jean Lafitte's pirate treasure
or the bones of those who would steal it.
Or the remains of a lost Union soldier
not killed in battle,but snake bit!

Down in old St. Louis #1 is the tomb of the Voodoo Queen,
and on certain nights they say in the old Vieux Carre,
Marie Laveau's ghost can be seen.

In the Feliciana Hills there's a mansion with a mirror
said to be possessed
by the handprints of three little children
sent by poison to their eternal rest.

And on a stretch of Piney Woods highway,
to their violent end came the gangster pair.
Beneath the dark pines near the Highway 154 sign,
you may hear Bonnie calling to Clyde there.

Yes, Louisiana has her ghost stories,
I've told y'all only a few.
So come on down South this Halloween,
who knows? You may see a ghost too!

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