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1 just some heath care thoughts, on Mon Jul 20, 2009 4:14 pm

rosco 357

just me, lol, i knew the healt care ideas being put together would be a war, on tv the opposition to any change is advertising on tv, u can tell obama is in a hurry as more time goes on the more ppl he will loose, it will be interesting to see if something comes to the floor and is voted on, there is a group of blue dog democrates that are conservative i think in the senate and have demands of how the health bill will be, or they will not vote for it, and it will die,, so obama has his hands full, i think this will be close,and as always i would have to read the details, as u all know my thoughts, i worry if layed off .or a shut down, i would not have insurance, having some kind of backup besides cobra, which is temporary. would make it easier on me, but we shall see, lots of things out there is scare tactics, but again i would have to read the details and they are not to that point yet, take care

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