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1 Tyler's Bacon & Eggs (over easy style) recipe on Thu May 13, 2010 8:14 pm


I can't believe I'm posting this.. lmao

But I want to document this and share this very easy way of cooking bacon and eggs I have made all my life, Its very simple, yet effective:

Use a non-stick frying pan if you can. Put the amount of bacon you want in the frying pan and cook it on medium low heat, cook it semi-low heat. I like "Oscar Mayer" thin bacon the best. It frys up fast and gets really crispy and is easy to eat. And it doesn't take forever to cook is another plus. Its great bacon.

Then after you cooked the bacon put it on your plate and let it cool while you cook your eggs.

Then add some butter in the same frying pan (and same heat level) as your bacon was in, stir it around till its melted, then carefully crack your eggs on the side of the frying pan (making sure not to break the yokes) and add them to the frying pan for about 1 minute and 1/2, then take your spatchula (sp) and start getting the eggs loose from the pan on the sides of the egg so you can eventually flip them over. You want then to be able to slide around the pan easily, Be very careful during this process, its easy to break the egg yokes. You don't want that.

Then ever so slightly put your spatchula (sp) under the egg and flip it over using your wrist. Don't pick the whole thing up and dump it over, take care and gently flip it over to the other side and let cook for about 20 seconds. Salt and pepper to taste.

Then its ready to eat.

Thanks for your interest in my bacon & Eggs.. lol!

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