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1 Tyler's Home Style Big Mac on Sat May 15, 2010 1:35 pm


First get in your car or truck (any transportation will work just fine) and drive to your local McDonald's (most city's and states have them). I would suggest going through the "Drive Thru" part of the establishment considering this is a "Home Style Big Mac" and you don't want to waste time waiting in line, you want to get back home to experience this recipe, because that's the whole deal here, "Home Style". When you get to the ordering menu and speaker where you place your order at in the drive thru, specifically ask for the "Big Mac". You can also order some french Fries with that. Ultimately you will want a drink of some kind, you can get that there too as well. So order what you want and bring it home.

Then, take the Big Mac and Fries and put them on a plate. Simply take the Big Mac out of the box and set it on your plate, then pour the fries next to it on the same plate. It makes for a nice presentation.


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