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1 Tyler's Macaroni & Cheese & Spam Recipe on Fri Sep 03, 2010 1:56 pm


First make some Mac and Cheese, I prefer the cheap kind with the powered cheese but any kind you like will work just fine. Then open a can of Spam, they have several kinds to choose from (i.e. Turkey) but I prefer the original (Hormel SPAM Classic). Then simply dice some Spam up to bite size pieces and add it to the mac and cheese and blend it all together.

Its funny, I've done this recipe several times before I ever even seen this video or heard of it, I thought of it myself, its my own creation I but today I put "Hormel SPAM" in the YouTube search engine and found lots of videos, I ran across this one that is my invention!! lmao

Can Of Hormel SPAM Classic *video below the pic*

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