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1 Chicken pot pie on Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:50 pm


make your crust.or use Pillsbury,already roll out crust
place in a baking dish,brown for five minutes in oven
Simmer chicken breasts
salt/pepper/hot pepper flakes to taste
remove chicken and strain broth
replace back in pot)broth)
onions,celery,simmer till tender
just guesstimate(seasonings) with size of pie your making

pull chicken apart in bite size pieces

put aside
cut carrots/in bite size add to broth that is simmering/10minutes just until almost done
peel/cut potatoes in bite size pieces add/ simmer five minutes/test just before done
mix corn starch with water add to simmering pot stir until desired consistency
add cooked chicken/green peas from frozen state,chicken/pour into prepared pie crust in baking dish/bake for 30 minutes

we had this for supper tonight//it is my grandmothers recipe/on Fathers side~

it is delicious

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