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Would you pick up a copy of Tim Tebow's book?

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1 Would you pick up a copy of Tim Tebow's book? on Sun Nov 14, 2010 11:56 am



rosco 357

im sure as books go it will be inspirational and a good or great book, but i cant honestly take the poll the way its worded, since i dont read books, first i dont have time but i have never been a book person,i have read 2 books in my life, JAWS when i was really young, and a book on bear bryant, only because i was on jury duty and waiting in the pool of ppl to go to a court, which in 4 days only went to one and was not picked, so if it aint a movie, i dont go there. but im sure if i was a book reader i would like to read it. im sure its a warm hearted good book just like tim is, to be honest when i read a book my mind wonders off or daydreams, and after a few pages i think what the heck did i read, lol,, take care

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