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1 Google Chrome on Wed May 23, 2012 9:25 am


I am continually impressed at how fast Google Chrome is. I think it is a notch faster than Firefox. The all-time slow dog of course is Internet Explorer.

I was reading that Google Chrome is the fastest but Firefox is the safest, but both are extremely good at both, and Internet Explorer is the worst of any browser at both.

I also think its interesting that the people at Microsoft that help develop Internet Explorer they themselves use Google Chrome and Firefox.

Internet Explorer will always be around because it is a part of windows and windows uses IE to download updates by default. But as a browser to surf the Internet, Internet Explorer is losing popularity everyday. People are becoming aware more and more each day that there are far better browsers out there to use.

Internet Explorer is so slow and unsafe it is considered an embarrassment by computer experts to ever use it. But they don't obviously there is no reason to. I have heard people ask if they can uninstall Internet Explorer they hated it so much, and the answer is no, because windows uses it to update. But in the future someday IE will not be used for anything.

Congrats you found the orange!

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