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1 Lets discuss Browsers! on Wed Oct 03, 2012 1:32 pm


Hey everyone Nextlevelgaming (from NextLevel WebDesigns)

Let's discuss some things on each browser for windows, not MAC, first we will take a look at the pros and cons of each and then get into detail further in.

Internet Explorer 7+:

Easy for normal every day users since I.E. has been around for a very long time
Well slowly they are getting better (poorly slow, but slow)
Faster page loading with IE9
Better font feel compared to Chrome (pixel ration set higher now)
Alert for too many add-ons if your system is bogging down!

Does not handle such CSS codes
and so many more :(

Firefox 3.5 15.0.1:

Easy accessing Plugins and more!
Handles more CSS codes

Well lets say IE beat FF in speed test time, not by much but it did :( which is sad. But I can deal with it!

Before we get into Chrome, let's state that I.E.8+ and FF3.5+ have been fueding for years, and alot of the features that FF has now IE8 had first. Like tabular web browsing, and inPrivate browsing. Like I said FF has it now. Personally I use both IE9 and FF version 15.0.1. Yes in terminology 3.5 upgraded very fast to 15 now there is a 16.0 beta out. :) hopefully that speed test will crush IE.

Now on to Google Chrome

Functionality and small file size
Handles more CSS coding
Feeds off other browsers (by this I mean Chrome copies FF and IE)

Chrome is for some people I personally do not like Chrome since FF is better.

Ok now lets look at some things in coding wise.

jQuery 1.8.1- supported by all browsers
CSS3- supported by all browsers (IE has some elements that it can not handle)
HTML5- Supported by all browsers

IE6 and lower- needs CSS2 HTML 4.0.1 and jQuery 1.4.3
FF and Chrome handles higher versions of the coding in older versions of browsers.

The feud between browsers will always continue. FF15.0.1. is my favorite, and IE8+ i use to see what my users will see. Chrome handles alot different so I just do not bother with it. I should but I'm judgemental lmao.

What is your opinion and let me hear your pros and cons on each.

2 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:15 pm

Candy Cottingham

Nexti evel

You have lost me on all that reading stuff you put.

I have IE 8
I understand IE9 was bought out for Windows 7

I have XP Prof. Speed no problem with Chrome.

FF is used more in America than England, so I cannot comment.

I just access my Home Page Virgin, then use Chrome.

My computer speed is good
Just do not believe A.V.G. speed tester...they admitted it was not correct on telephone.

3 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:20 pm


Hi Next I use Fire-Fox,I find in very efficient..

4 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:36 am


Candy yes, IE8 is ok, though if you go over to FF and go to this website you may see things that you cannot see on IE8. The code functionality is poor. Microsoft is lazy and proceeds to lack in correcting their universal code to access many selectors of CSS3 and jQuery functions.

Glad to hear Gypsy! As I said I use both IE and FF. I believe i am running IE9 right now, and some of its coding is fixed, but is still poor, like I said border-radius in css does not work with IE.

My favorite plugin for FF is firebug :) good for programmers of websites.

5 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Thu Oct 04, 2012 9:06 am


From what I have read and experienced for years is that Internet Explorer can't hold a candle to Firefox or Chrome. Internet Explorer isn't even in the same league and no one is arguing this fact. I have not read one thing from any knowledgeable source suggesting that IE is as fast or better than FF or Chrome, in fact just the opposite. Most experts agree that FF and Chrome are indeed faster, and most users (general public) of those browsers agree also. I have all three browsers and I can attest to this fact first hand.

You must have windows 7 to run IE 9. So if you're using "Vista" as your profile says and you have the latest version of IE you are running IE 8. I have XP so I'm running IE 8, but I only use it to check my page work on this forum and my other websites. I use Chrome to check my work also. As far as this forum goes everything works the same for Internet Explorer as it does for other browsers with the exception of the "Thanks" icons that display after a post has been thanked. A message reads "The topic starter thanks you" after a post has been thanked. I am aware of this but have elected to let Internet Explorer users just not see the thanks message and icons. I decided awhile back that I am not going to concern myself with what Internet Explorer can or cannot do anymore. I made that decision because IE is too limiting and dis-functional a browser, and I don't want this forum or my websites to suffer just because the creators one browser refuse to step up to the plate and make it a better browser in an effort to keep up with the ever changing times like its competitors do. The creators of IE seem to think they don't need to upgrade or do anything because they have already cornered the market to uneducated and new users to the computer. And they have done that. But they will not be the case for long people are becoming wise to Internet Explorers short comings, and IE is losing popularity and rightfully so. But as to date IE can see everything this forum has because I purposely haven't added anything IE can't see or do with the exception of the thanked icons.

I used to limit my website creativity and functionality to what IE can do, but not anymore. I can't stand that browser, or more to the point, what that browser represents and the creators irresponsible and unconcerned attitude to not upgrade it. They make new versions of the same malfunctioning browser that continues to be a security risk to your computer and lacks in functionality in what it can read and do on websites.

You are correct nextlevel in stating the codes IE can not read, and that is just another example of Internet Explorer's creators refusing to upgrade the browsers to today's standards of website development, or even yesterdays standards. They are so ridiculously outdated as to be an embarrassment. But the good news is the general public is slowly becoming aware that they are limited using IE and are switching browsers. They are also learning that Internet Explorer is unsafe and a threat to your computers security. They are learning that other browsers are much safer, faster, and can do much more.

I think Chrome is a tad faster than firefox, and IE is the slow-dog all any browser ever made.

6 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:16 pm


Great wording "yesterdays standards" lol. I am using 7 on this computer, and vista on my main computer. though recently in the IE vs FF speed test 9 did do 1.5ms (or second) faster than FF. Now mind you this test was made with 10 different websites (each website has different loading times due to scripting and images) and placed in average 1.5ms was the standard. Even after reviewing this subject, which is why I made this topic, I would never suggest limiting yourself to IE. You and I runaway are web developers and know that coding world via Chrome/FF/and IE.

I just never liked the feel of chrome, I used it once, but you may be right on the speeds vs FF. Though 7 handles IE9, which if I'm correct seems like not alot of people on here seem to have? I have four computers, two in business states, and two (one desktop and one laptop). One runs XP,two run Vista 64bit, and one runs 7. So checking multiple computers for my coding and multiple browsers satisfies my needs as a developer. Because even FF, Chrome, and IE handle margins differently. I place a margin-left:-48px in my cascading style sheet and IE and FF have a different position. Yes they are close to the same. but when inside multiple inline divs well thats when it strays for my needs. Which is why i check both browsers to get them both as close to my needs as possible!

Great comments guys loving it all

7 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:00 pm


Heres a site that did various speed tests awhile back on some of the major browsers. Some of the test include the following:

Read more:

Cold Boot-Up Winner: Opera!
Tab Loading Winner: Firefox!
URL Loading Winner: Chrome!
Cold Restore Winner: Opera!
JavaScript Winner: Chrome!
DOM/CSS Performance Winner: Opera!
Memory Usage (with Nine Tabs Open) Winner: Firefox!
Memory Usage (with Nine Tabs and Five Extensions) Winner: Firefox!

Overall Scores:

Firefox: 81%
Opera: 68%
Chrome: 62%
Internet Explorer: 41%

Internet Explorer has become the bane of any forward-thinking web designerís existance. With the onset of advanced CSS layout techniques, IE's rendering engine has been exposed as buggy and unreliable. IE is years behind the times. CSS properties that are well supported in Gecko-based browsers, like Firefox, arenít even on the radar for IE.

8 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Thu Oct 04, 2012 8:42 pm

Candy Cottingham

Browsers are a matter of choice.

CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) Hmmm! good for web designing.
Now that's out of my league.

But I know I need Java Script programming language

Chrome was advertised as being the fastest.

I just do not need 9 tabs open.

IE comes with the Microsoft set-up and supports Chrome.

Vista was a failure, so soon after windows 7 came out.

Binary codes are old but still in use.
It consisted of just Letters

Now we have Hexadecimal which is a mixture of letters & numbers.

The Registry is quite small.

But AOL (America on Line) has a larger Registry.

So it takes longer to find fragments of deleted programs to delete.

Not that I would dare enter that domain..even if I did a back-up of the Registry.

There is a book that tells you what the codes represent.

9 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:04 pm


Candy Cottingham wrote:CSS (Cascade Style Sheets) Hmmm! good for web designing.
Now that's out of my league.
You're missing the point on this CSS issue. A browser that supports new or advanced CSS properties is good for you too because you visit websites. If your browser doesn't support some CSS properties like Internet Explorer is known to not do, you will get errors and miss things that others see on that website. Its not about being good for website developers because they can still build it without a browser that supports it, its about being good for anyone that visit websites.

10 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Thu Oct 04, 2012 11:04 pm


Good job runaway. lol. I was wondering if this was straying off to be about CSS. Like runaway said IE just can't hold against the other browsers. I do mainly use IE right now on this computer, I do have FF on it as well, that when I create a website i go and use so I know what others are seeing. Only reason I mainly use IE on this computer is because of the fact that my family uses this computer, if I made FF the main browser, dear lord who knows what they will put in it. I just don't trust them adding plugins/favorites/and so forth.I like my browser clean of anything I do not use lol.

So to put it simple people if your main browser is IE get rid of it, download yourself some FF or Chrome

Also people who do not know this, there is a greater browser out there ;)

Made my Mozilla

11 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Fri Oct 05, 2012 10:00 pm

Candy Cottingham

CSS (Cascade Style Sheets)

I admit to not understanding the above.

I looked it up but was still no wiser.

12 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Sat Oct 06, 2012 12:30 am


Well that's OK Candy you don't have to understand CSS unless you are page building, but its good to have a browser that supports all types so you aren't missing anything. You use Chrome so you're in good shape.

I want to make a comment while I'm in this topic, that I am impressed at nextlevel's coding knowledge, he is really getting good at it. I just seen something he was working on and its over my head.

13 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:48 am

Candy Cottingham

yes nextlevel seems very level headed

I hope he stays with us.

we must be good or he will retreat.

He has a good sense of humour as well.

Wonder what kind of Novels he writes.
(Maybe Zombie ones)

14 Re: Lets discuss Browsers! on Sun Oct 07, 2012 12:06 am


Candy and Runaway why thank you to both of you. And I have no intentions of leaving. I like good websites, I may not be on all the time. though Runaway knows how to get ahold of me through the other website. Since I'm on that helping people close to 24 hours of the day hehehe. And Candy you are correct. I am currently writing "The Zombi Chronicles" I have a poetry book, "Sadistic" which is a crime novel, "The Lost Born Child" which is a wittingly strange novel honestly lol.

To find an agent is the hardest thing! Thanks guys again :)

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