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Candy Cottingham

When the man stops running, hold your cursor
about one centimetre above his head.

Can you " explain that "? I can't.

Click HERE to view.

OK Link don't work..I'm outta here.

Delete Delete...

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lmao, just so know for future reference, that "HERE" link you saw on that site and what you see on other sites are "Hyper links" that are embedded into the webpages, you can't copy them like you would text, you have to create a hyper link like this example below, I'll link this to the Chatbox just for kicks to show you how it works:


The hyper link code that I just posted above looks like this:

<a href=""><b>CLICK HERE</b></a>

So what you can do next time that you want to use a hyper link, is first go to the links destination page and copy the URL and paste it in notepad, then copy the text from the site you want to use and paste it in your post, then create your hyper link using the code above I used for the chatbox, replacing the chatbox URL with the destination link you copied in notepad. You can change the "Click Here" text to any text you want.

3 Just Link not Hyper on Tue Dec 04, 2012 10:42 pm

Candy Cottingham


Sent the link by email to-myself...not the brilliant way to do it BUT!!!

I do have a Hyper link on my creations which I do in Incredi Letter Creator.

So Hyper Links cannot be copied

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