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1 Potatos on Tue Jan 08, 2013 8:50 pm

Candy Cottingham

An old Muslim Arab, born in Lebanon but living for more than 40 years in the USA, wants to plant potatoes in his backyard, but he is too old to dig. It is too much of a heavy work for him.

His only son, Ahmed, is studying in France, so the old man sends him the following message:

"Dear Ahmed,

I feel bad because this year I won't be able to plant potatoes in our backyard like I used to. I am too old to dig. If you were here, there wouldn't be any problem. I know you would jumble and prepare the soil thoroughly.



A few days after, he receives the following message:

"Dear father:

Please don't touch the land in that backyard. I've hidden some stuff there.



Before the dawn of the day after, the FBI, the CIA, the SWAT team, the NSA, the Marines and the local Police show up.

They rummage the earth all over the backyard looking for bombs, or material to build them, anthrax, etc. They don't find anything and go away, after interrogating the old man, who had no idea what they were looking for. That same day, the old man receives another message:

"Dear father:

Certainly, the land is ready for planting potatoes now. That was the best I could do, given the circumstances.



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LOL good one!

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