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Candy Cottingham

A man became lost while hiking in the hills of
southern California. Eventually, his food and
water supplies were exhausted, and he was
forced to kill a condor, one of the birds on the
protected species list, to survive. Weeks went
by, and he was rescued, but he had such a
guilty conscience that he admitted to his friends
that he had had to kill a condor to survive.
Word of this made it to the authorities, who had
him arrested. When he came to trial, he threw
himself onto the mercy of the court and begged
the judge for forgiveness. “I know what I did
was wrong, your honor, but it was in
self-preservation. I will never do such a thing
again.” The judge said that he understood and
dismissed the charges with the understanding
that the man would never do such a thing
again. The man agreed. After the trial, a
reporter stuck a microphone at the man . “What
does a condor taste like?” he asked. The man
replied, “About like a cross between a spotted
owl and bald eagle .”

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