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Pat Chu's new Jamble rules.... (Important change to Jamble rules) IYTnews

I know its blank, his PM to all members didn't work out..lmao

I suppose by the time you read this he will have fixed it, but I couldn't resist showing this now... lol!

I'm starting to think now I could teach him a thing or two...

In all reality, he should give full control of IYT to me, I could do way better than him. Hes too busy at luncheons and doing interviews to keep up with today's tech.... I'm better at it than he is, closed..


Yeah, as I guessed, he would fix it, heres his PM message:

We have just made an important change to the Jamble rules. Effective immediately, the bonus for using all 7 letters on your rack will be changed to 5 points, down from 40 points previously.

The reason we made this change is because using all 7 letters in a turn-based Jamble format is easier than in a live Scrabble game, through the use of computer anagram programs. The change in bonus is to reflect the ease of doing this.

We are often asked, why not forbid the use of computer assistance? The answer is that it's impossible to prevent this from happening. Our official policy has always been that we do not encourage the use of computer programs, but we also do not consider it a violation of the rules simply because there's no way for us to detect that someone is using a computer program.

Here's an example: my wife has a PhD in English. When we play Scrabble in the kitchen, I know she's not using a computer program because we are sitting at the table across from each other, and yet she can pull out crazy words that I've never heard of. There's no way for us to tell the difference between someone who knows a lot of words and someone using a computer program. Just because they're using an obscure word doesn't mean that they're "cheating".

We also cannot prevent someone from using a printed dictionary. Is this considered "cheating"? And yet someone who is skilled at using a dictionary can also come up with some good words.

Lastly, the easiest method is one that's built into our system and cannot be changed. Someone can simply enter many letter combinations, and the Jamble program tells them whether the word is legal or not. Again, this cannot be considered "cheating".

The problem from our end is, there is no way for us to determine whether someone is playing "pure" or "with assistance". So we have to allow all methods.

Having said this, it's clear to us that it's easier to make 7-letter words in Jamble than in Scrabble. This is why we are lowering the bonus, to reflect the difference in the two games.

Since we are imposing the rule on everyone at the same time, theoretically no one has an advantage. If you have been saving for a 7-letter word, then yes, this will hurt you temporarily, but only for the next few moves. Please take this rule change into account as you plan the rest of your game.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


"In all reality, he should give full control of IYT to me, I could do way better than him. Hes too busy at luncheons and doing interviews to keep up with today's tech.... I'm better at it than he is, closed..." /// Ya effin' A! Then you could re-open the discussion boards and I could get banned again.


LMAO Moon, me too, but it was so worth it and funny as hell. I didn't get banned but I got put in the punish corner for 7 days Pat Chu's new Jamble rules.... (Important change to Jamble rules) 440643

5Pat Chu's new Jamble rules.... (Important change to Jamble rules) Empty More Jamble Confusion from Pat Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:21 pm


Subject: Jamble saga, continued

Message: Executive summary: We have decided to provide both types of Jamble, with a high bonus and a low bonus for using 7-letter words. The 40 point bonus will be called "High Bonus Jamble", and the low bonus will be called "Jamble". We feel that the low bonus version more accurately reflects the true turn-based version, but it appears that there's enough interest for both versions.

At the risk of creating more confusion, we have decided to call the existing version "High Bonus Jamble", and effective immediately, the bonus has been restored to 40 points. We apologize if the 5-point change has impacted you negatively in the past 2 days. We were not planning to offer both versions of the game when we made the change.

Regular Jamble (the low bonus version) will be introduced tomorrow (Thursday, September 24), and regular (low bonus) Wild Jamble will be available 2 weeks from today, on Wednesday, October 7th. As is normal for a new game, paid members will have access to it for the first 30 days, then the game will be available to everyone. This is how the software is programmed to release new games.

If you are a member, you will have only one day to sign up for a tournament in this new type -- we hope some of you will. For those of you in current Jamble ladders, you will have to decide if you want to resign them and move over to the low-bonus version. We hope some of you will go ahead and make the switch.

I want to thank everyone to who provided feedback on this change, both positive and negative. Every comment is read and considered. The "give them a choice" option was suggested by a player (katcooper). Sometimes we are so caught up in the day to day maintenance of the site that we're not able to think of the obvious solution.

We apologize for the confusion, and we look forward to seeing you in the tournaments and ladders of the new Jamble and Wild Jamble games.

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