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Yesterday I had Bright House (my cable service) come out and upgrade our computers with RoadRunner Lightning. My brothers computer has the modem that sends out a signal to my computer that has the "Internet router" which is a wireless signal receiver. My computer is wireless now and its a desktop computer. The Router is a small little receiver that sits on-top the computer or your desk that picks up the signal that is plugged into my computer via USB plugin. Its suppose to work 600 feet away from the modem but our computers are only about 20 feet away. You can mouse over the Router icon in in the task bar and it shows your signal strength. It could say "Poor" if your computer is far away from the modem, or, "Average", or "Good". Mine says its "Excellent".. :)

I love the Router it works perfectly. And is cheaper than having 2 cable modems. So my brothers computer has the big monster cable modem and I have the wireless Router. Both computers are indeed lightning fast.

My computer with the Router came with a computer disk that downloads to the computer so your computer knows what to do with the Router, and also the computer guys from Bright House went into my computer settings and set it to receive the signal from the modem. There are certain numbers assigned to each account that needed to be applied to the computer so it can receive the signal. They hooked the whole thing up. I just watched. Those guys are good at what they do, very professional.

Great technology and my computer is faster than its ever been. Pages load in a second.

Here's what the Router looks like. I have it sitting on-top my computer:

Bright House RoadRunner Lightning - High Speed Internet Service (router) 31fvJhqJrfL_SL500_AA300_

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