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1This should put a smile on your face  Empty This should put a smile on your face on Sun Jan 13, 2013 1:55 pm


A teacher struggled and struggled helping her little student get his cowboy boots on. It was a really tight fit and she even worked up a sweat helping him get them on. Once they were on he looked at them and said "Teacher they are on the wrong feet." She had to smile at this one and together they struggled to get them off and then struggled to get them back on. He looked at them and said "These aren't my boots." She resisted the urge to yell "Why didn't you say so!" With grace she helped him get them off once again. He then told her "They are my brother's, my Mom made me wear them." She sighed and for the third time helped him get them on. She then got his coat. Looking in the pockets, she asked him where his gloves were. He said "I was scared I would lose them, so I put them in the toes of my boots." :)

:-) Knowing this will put a smile on your face this morning.

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