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    1. Decongest Your Chest
    The most common use of Vicks is to decongest your chest and throat area. When applied to the upper chest, it provides excellent relief of cough and congestion symptoms.

    2. On Your Tootsies
    Applying Vicks to your feet provides nighttime cough relief. Generously rub VapoRub all over your feet and cover them with socks. Your cough will subside.

    3. Achy Breaky Muscles
    Vicks relieves sore, overworked muscles. It increases circulation and provides almost instant aid. Use a generous portion and apply it over the aching area.

    4. Get Rid of Nasty Nail Fungus
    Rub VapoRub on your toenails if you suspect you have a fungus. Within days, the nail will turn dark—this means the Vicks is killing the fungus. As your toenail grows out, the dark part will grow off and you will have fungus-free feet. Keep applying the ointment over a period of two weeks to fully cleanse nail beds of any remaining bacteria.

    5. Stop Your Cat from Scratching
    To prevent Miss Kitty from ruining your doors, walls, and windows, apply a small amount of VapoRub to these areas. Cats detest the smell and will steer clear. Vicks can also be applied to your arms and legs if your kitty is prone to scratching you.

    6. Pet Pee-Pee Deterrent
    If your dog or cat is not yet potty trained, put an open bottle of Vicks on the area he or she likes to mark as their territory. The smell will discourage them from lifting their legs and wetting your rug.

    7. Headaches Be Gone
    Rub a small amount of Vicks VapoRub on your temples and forehead to help relieve headaches. The mentholated scent will release pressure in your head and instantly
    relieve pain.

    8. Humidify Your Sleep
    Vicks VapoRub can be used in special types of humidifiers and vaporizers. Ensure your humidifier has an aromatherapy compartment before using. The humidifier
    will circulate Vicks throughout the air and keep you breathing easy all night long.

    9. Paper Cuts and Splinters
    To prevent infection and speed up healing time, dab a small amount of Vicks on any small cut or splinter.

    10. Ticks and Bugs
    If you get bitten by a tick, apply Vicks immediately. The strong odor might help get the critter to release itself and stop bugging you.

    11. Reek-free Racehorses
    Professional racers smother VapoRub under the nostrils of racehorses on race day. The strong stench deters the stallions from the alluring odor of the female pony and
    keeps them focused on the race.

    12. Go Away Mosquitoes (love this one!!!)
    Apply small dabs of Vicks VapoRub to your skin and clothes and mosquitoes will steer clear. If you do get bitten, apply Vicks to the area and cover it with a Band-Aid to relieve itching.

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Candy Cottingham

Candy Cottingham
Most of that is pure poppycock. (Hogwash)

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I am witness to the vicks helps,I had a few chigger bites from cleaning out vines and brush,I used vicks and in 24 hours they were not itching and drying up,I raised six kids with help from vicks in vaporizer,on chests that were full of congestion and small amount rubbed into the nose. maybe you should try it~~whaz your problem Girlie??Vicks Vapor Rub Tips 415675

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