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1 pineapple cream cake on Sun Dec 19, 2010 2:45 am

rosco 357

i got this in email thought someone may be interested , or not, lol, take care,

1 pineapple cake mix
1 8oz cream cheese
Large size Cool Whip bigger than 8oz size think its 10 or 12 oz.
Large can crushed Pineapple think its 20oz

Drain pineapple well , save juice squeeze all the juice you can out

Make cake mix per directions on box but use pineeaple juice in place of the water, if not enough juice add water to juice to make the amount on the box. Add half of drained pineapple to the cake mix. Mix well. Pour mix in 2 round greased cake pans(I line pans with wax paper and then grease them well so cake comes out of pan easy but besure to peel wax paper off after baking. Cool well.

Soften cream cheese and add about half cup powdered sugar and beat till well mixed, add crushed pineapple and mix well. Should be thin enough to spread between layers and on top of baked cake.(If too thick add small amount cool whip to be able to spread in between layers and top of cake. Should be like frosting would be if using that. Then frost sides of cake with the defrosted Cool Whip. Keep in frig for while before cutting. Store remaining left over cake in Frig.

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