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1 Yes mes amis . on Sat May 31, 2014 10:01 pm


Yes mes amis . . .

Tee Boudreaux is 24 years old and still living at home. Boudreaux and his wife, Marie, are starting to worry a bit about what their boy is going to do with his future.

Boudreaux tells Marie, "Cher, let's do a little test. We goin' to put a ten-dollar bill, a bible, and a bottle of booze on da table . . . and when Tee Boudreaux comes in, we gonna be able to figure out what he's gonna do."

"If he takes da ten-dollar bill, he's gonna be a business man. If he picks up da bible, he's gonna be a preacher. But, if he picks up da booze, I'm afraid he's gonna be a bum da rest of his natural life."

So, Boudreaux and Marie put all the stuff out and hid in the closet when they heard Tee coming in. Tee walks by the table, stops, picks up the ten-dollar bill, looks at it, and puts it in his pocket.

But then, he picks up the bible, flips through it for a while, and proceeds to put it under his arm.

And finally, Tee also picks up the bottle of booze, takes a healthy swig out of it, and walks off with the rest of the bottle!

Boudreaux and Marie were watching all of this through the keyhole on the closet door. Boudreaux sighs big and says, "Mais Cher, it looks like our son is gonna be a darn politician !!!"

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