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rosco 357

rosco 357
i just watched the beach report, tonight saturday nite the steve miller band and peter frampton are playing at the WHARF in gulf shore or orange beach i have not been to the wharf, i hope things continue to improve, i think panama city missed most of it so far, a guy at work took a vacation there last week and he said things there were fine and clear, i never heard it going past Appalachia cola. i hope. and the loop current i heard a few days ago has moved south out of the way so it will not be moving around the keys, lets hope for continued good news but i know it will take time, the beaches will be easier, they run machines on them each nite, but i think surface oil is not a big issue now, but we dont know what is under , lets hope the relief wells work, and the clean up of the marsh grass goes well, im just rambling , during commercial, take care

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