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1Lake Pontchartrain Crab Cakes Empty Lake Pontchartrain Crab Cakes on Sat Jun 21, 2008 10:14 pm


1 Pound Regular Lump Crabmeat 1-tsp. Dry Mustard
1 Egg 1-tbs. Parsley (chopped fine)
3-tbs. Mayonnaise 1-tbs. Melted Butter
1-tbs. Worcestershire Sauce 1-cup Saltine crackers crushed
1-tbs. Lemon Juice 2-tsp. Old Bay seasoning or Zatarains creole seasoning
Combine all ingredients except Crabmeat and Saltine crackers. Mix ingredients very well then add Saltine crackers and blend in. Next add Crabmeat and gently fold into mixture.
* Do not over mix because Crabmeat will break apart.

Crab cakes should be made into patties Dredge in seasoned flour, they are best pan fried in vegetable oil on medium heat, turning as they are golden brown.

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