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Best Dog Breeds for Home Protection
By Cris Carl

Published November 14, 2011
| Networx

Nearly any dog can be trained to protect a home. However, certain dogs have been bred as watch dogs, whose job is to alert their owner of intruders or dangers. Others are bred as guard dogs, whose job is to attack or detain the intruder.

According to the American Kennel Club, "Dogs of the Working Group were bred to perform such jobs as guarding property, pulling sleds, and performing water rescues. The Doberman Pinscher, Siberian Husky, and the Great Dane are included in this group to name just a few."

Unfortunately, according to Herb Everett, of Sirius Dog Training in Granby, MA, some dogs have gotten an undeserved reputation as a result of their breeding, such as Pit Bulls. "A perfect example is the (Pit Bull) dog from the old show The Little Rascals. While they are great guard dogs, depending on their training they can be the most lovable, happy-go-lucky dogs around," said Everett. Everett added that certain breeds have become "a lightning rod" for negative impressions, such as German shepherds. "They (German shepherd's) were originally bred for herding, not for protection," said Everett.

Everett has been training dogs for 40 years, and said that one of the best watch dogs you can get is a Chihuahua. "They may be a small dog, but they will raise so much hell until they alert you or wake you up," he said. Everett said that "ninety-nine percent of intruders want quiet and no distractions. The other one percent will just shoot you and the dog."

Everett emphasized that the training of the dog, how well they are treated, and how good the breeder is will give you the best results for the job you want your dog to perform. "Even all but two of the dogs that were taken from Michael Vick [an NFL player reportedly involved in dog fighting whose home in Virginia was raided] have been rehabilitated to be service dogs," said Everett.

Service dogs, which Everett said can be most any breed, protect their owners by means of assistance (such as seeing-eye, or hearing impairment dogs), or as a warning system for physical disabilities such as seizures.

If you have problems with snakes or rodents (there are only 6 types of venomous snakes in the US, according to the University of Florida Extension Service. Snakes are generally beneficial as they control rodent populations.), Everett said that a Dachshund is your best choice. "Those little guys have a big ego, which they need to chase something like a badger underground," said Everett. He added that every type of terrier was bred to chase pests, particularly rodents, underground. "Terriers were bred during the time of the Plague to chase and kill the disease-carrying rats," said Everett.

So, when considering a dog for any type of protection, it is best to research the breed you are interested in to make an informed choice. Everett said that an excellent resource for determining the best breed for the job you want them to do is the American Kennel Club, whose website,, specifies traits for every type of pure-bred dog.

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I've had a dog most all my life, my first dog as a little boy was mix breed and a small dog, probably no taller than a foot high. She was a good watch dog would bark and anything outside that sounded strange. That was my childhood dog, her name was Koko. She lived a happy life and spent much of her time with me at the ranch around horses and cattle. She ran free out there and loved it. She was a very loyal dog. I cried miserably when she got sick and we had to take her to the vet. They suggested we put her down so save her misery. I was so sad. My whole life was spent with that dog as a kid growing up. Everywhere I was Koko could be found there too.

I'll skip ahead to a dog we knew at work where I worked with my Dad in the sheet metal shop. The owner of the company bought a German shepherd puppy to be raised as a guard dog for the shop at night. I fed and raised the small pup because I was there all day and got there early in the morning, so I fed her. See grew to a full size German shepherd and looked like she could tear you up. To me, she still looked like a puppy. I would play with her everyday and she couldn't wait till I got there to spend the day with me. And she did. Where I went she went. Followed me everywhere in the shop. The owner asked me if I would like to keep the dog and take her home with me because he could see the connection the dog and I had with each other. The dog was clearly loyal to me. I had to decline because where I lived at the time wasn't enough room for her to run. Her name was Casey.

As far as I know shes still alive. But I want to say I have NEVER met a more intelligent dog in my life. I could tell stories about that dog that blew my mind. Anyway, I am a huge fan of the German shepherd, if I ever got another dog it would be a German shepherd pup. Preferably a female.

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My mom worked for the ASPCA for 12 years and she learned just about any dog can be trained to be a "good dog". We started raising boxers when I was 9 and did so for many years. They're not too small or big. Ugly enough to scare people but easy going with kids. I had my mom's last old boxer save my life. He didn't know that I was in no trouble but he didn't care. He stood over my prone body and growled off another dog he had just fought and lost to. He was a true friend.

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