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How To Post Videos Using the Text Editor
Post Videos Using the Text Editor

  • Copy video page address from YouTUbe

  • Go to forum

  • Create a New Topic

  • Click the YouTube button above the text editor

  • Paste the video page address into it and click the "insert" button.

  • Write a title for your post

  • Send your post

To use this forums text editor "YouTube" button go to the video at youtube and copy the URL of the page you are on from your browser's address bar and paste it into the text editors youtube button. This screenshot below shows where the youtube button is located on the text editor, you need to click that button to paste the URL of the video page into it.

Note: To post videos using YouTube's embed code simply copy & paste the code into the body of your message. YouTube's embed codes can be found under each video at YouTube by clicking "share" and then "embed." This is probably the easiest way to post videos.

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