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1John Hollow Horn >Oglala Lakota Empty John Hollow Horn >Oglala Lakota Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:05 pm


Some day the earth will weep,she
will beg for her life with tears of blood.
you will make a choice,if you help her,or let her die,and
when she dies,you will too die.

2John Hollow Horn >Oglala Lakota Empty Re: John Hollow Horn >Oglala Lakota Mon Jun 23, 2014 5:02 pm


Someday the earth will weep, she will beg for her life, she will cry with tears of blood. You will make a choice, if you will help her or let her die, and when she dies, you too will die." John Hollow Horn of the Oglala Lakota tribe (1932).

In a highly evolved society, we wouldn't even consider a technology that is harmful to life - especially human life - but we're clearly not evolved as a species. Technology has finally outrun common sense, and respect...

What am I speaking about? The birth and recent boom of Hydraulic FRACKING, despite the active protests of many world citizens against it.

It is painfully self-evident to residents living near fracking wells that their water was safe to drink BEFORE the fracking companies turned up. After fracking, metals including arsenic, selenium and strontium made their way into the drinking water, and their lives were irrevocably harmed.

Listen to the hard-hitting interview with Carol Jean Moten on YouTube:

Water is our most precious gift. Let us make no mistake.

Our beautiful, blue planet is made up of vast oceans, lakes, rivers and streams. Our bodies are, similarly, made up of internal oceans and rivers that supply us with the vital energy we need to live. Indeed, all of the human body's functions depend upon the "life-giving" properties of water:

"Every function of the body is monitored and pegged to be efficient flow of water. 'Water distribution' is the only way of making sure that not only an adequate amount of water, but it's transported elements, hormones, chemical messages and nutrients, first reach the more vital organs." Dr. Batmanghelid

Now we want to inject lethal poison directly into our veins as we allow the Oil and Gas Industry blight our landscape and poison our water.

If there's any chance of man-made technology harming that which we call life, life should take precedence over commercial interests. It's that simple!

Humanity, stand up for your right to live a life free from harm, and from fear. We must say 'no', and keep saying 'no', to those decisions which are clearly not in our best interests.

We have brilliant minds who can create green energy solutions but our governments aren't listening...

Fracking is a core issue. It represents the fight of the people and Mother Earth (you and me), against the greed of government and the big corporations.

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